Meet the Team

We are here for you!
Samara Elkins

Samara Elkins

Lead Coach & Workshop Curator

Industries: Education, Healthcare, Technology, and Non-Profits
Cari Goldberg, CPC

Cari Goldberg, CPC

Resume Writer & Career Coach

Industries: Healthcare, Retail, and Food & Beverage
Jennifer Nadeau

Jennifer Nadeau

Interview & Career Coach

Industries: Insurance, Cybersecurity, Digital Marketing, and Manufacturing
Emily Kite

Emily Kite

LinkedIn Coach

Industries: Education, Healthcare, & Technology

Abby Garfinkel

Abby Garfinkel

Social Media Strategist

Intern turned into Team Member!

How it Began…

Coaching by Samara officially started in 2017, when Samara was working a corporate job and feeling stuck. She started my career in education as a teacher in Nashville, TN. While getting her Master’s from Vanderbilt University, she contemplated making a career change. 

After much deliberation, tons of networking, lots of research, and some serious soul searching, she found herself at a healthcare IT company managing an intern program . Through this role, she was quickly touching almost every department across the company. For the interns, a part of her commitment to them was to help construct their internship experience for their resume. 

From there, she helped friends and family with their resumes using her own experience, successes, and failures.  Her love for working with others has been consistent.  She know the challenges when making a change and finding the right role. She know the feeling when you don’t know where to start. She understands the overwhelming emotions when thinking about getting your accomplishments on paper. 

In all transparency, Coaching by Samara initially began as fun “side hustle” to build community and continue learning all while helping others. However, since 2017, it has evolved into the most fulfilling job Samara has have ever had. Thanks to clients like you, Samara and the whole team get to learn every day.  

Our Values & Beliefs

We thrive better together

Working together is the secret to success. Through discussion and collaboration, better products exist. 

You are only as stuck as you allow yourself to be

It is a state of mind. Always try to meet new people and continue broadening your horizons. 

There is no one size fits all

Everyone has a different story with different successes and trebulations to capture and tell. 

Writing your resume is part of your development

Building your resume helps you define your professional identify and prepares you for your next move.

Our Approach

It’s all about you! We want to understand what you are looking for, and we will be your partner to get you there.

As you look through our services and packages, the common theme is consultative. We believe that the best results come from talking through your story together. We bring a new objective and unbiased perspective. You bring the content and who you are. Together, we make sure to best showcase you and the value you can bring to whatever comes next. 

We get tactical.

We ask the tough questions. 

We analyze options. 

We support you in making the best decisions and moves for you!