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Federal agencies, healthcare organizations, and more jobs have been secured with Coaching by Samara Resumes. 

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Client Testimonials

“Samara is very good at what she does. She takes the time to understand her client’s needs and to help translate their experiences into a quality resume. She seems naturally good at word-smithing and helps a client find the right way to translate their experiences into a story that flows efficiently while still being thorough. I highly recommend her services!”    -Eric J. (IT Professional)

“Samara did an outstanding job on my resume. She initially met with me for two hours and took the time to ask the “right questions” so she could use the right keywords and put together a professional resume. The 3rd and final product was done in 5 days. She also rewrote my LinkedIn profile the same day. I immediately started getting responses and setting up interviews. Highly recommended.”    -Mike M. (Marketing Expert)

“Absolutely wonderful coach with superb writing skills – laser-focused on getting your skills and accomplishments well-documented for identifying and realizing the best career. Samara takes her time to work through how you see yourself to best extract the nuggets that others need to understand – your strengths and potential. She has solid industry perspective, a great attitude, and brings a wealth of knowledge to the table (literally) in the development of your resume and career counseling sessions. I highly recommend Samara for all levels of job-seekers as you embark on this journey!!” -Dale C. (Former VP at Fortune 100 Company)

“Samara far exceeded my expectations. Her expertise and professionalism is exceptional. She is extremely talented in capturing ones experience and show casing it on a resume as well as creating a professional LinkedIn page. I definitely recommend utilizing her services and will work with her again. Thank you Samara! ” -Zotico R. (Restaurant Owner & Manager)

“Samara did an amazing job of showcasing the wonky, in the weeds work I’ve done in an easy-to-read and understandable resume. She promptly responded to every email and text I sent, and she worked quickly. My resume and cover letter were done in no time. I would definitely work with her again. ” -Annie M. (Policy Analyst)

“Samara was very thorough throughout the process. I had a lot of questions for her about her process, therefore it was really helpful. Also, I am in the midst of a career change and was not too sure of how to best pinpoint exactly what I am looking for while talking about past experiences. Samara took the time to personally go over the resume with me ask questions to better revise it. ” -Matt W.  (Veteran transitioning to a Civilian Career)